Denver Considers Open Rebellion Against Federal Immigration Laws

The American people sent a crystal clear message to authorities in 2016:  Curb illegal immigration immediately.

Given that President Donald Trump was leading the charge on that issue, it is no surprise that the businessman-turned-politician handily defeated democratic dimwit Hillary Clinton during the 2016 contest.  Trump promised Americans that he would not only work to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, but that he would instruct our federal authorities to work on enforcing our already existing immigration laws.

While this return to law and order energized America’s massive conservative uprising, it sent the democrats into utter delirium as they attempted to create wild connections and jump to absurd conclusions in order to insult Trump as some sort of mega-bigot.

Now, even after witnessing the will of We The People as it pertains to immigration, the left continues to push their ridiculous “resistance” movement, attempting to oppose the President and American voters at every turn.  The latest symptom of the liberalism disease comes to us from Denver, Colorado, where authorities are considering moving into open rebellion against the Commander in Chief.

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“Dozens of people filled the room where the Denver City Council met on Wednesday to consider taking a stance on protecting immigrants from federal agents. The safety committee passed the ordinance by a vote of 6-1.

“Denver City Council members Robin Kniech and Paul Lopez are spearheading the bill. More than 100 people were in attendance to urge council members to approve the ordinance.

“The proposal does take a tougher position on information sharing with the federal government. It would not require local authorities to share immigration status or hold inmates with an immigration detainer past their release date.

“The safety committee passed the ordinance by a vote of 6-1. Now it goes to the full council for the first reading.

“The only descending (sic) vote came from Councilman Kevin Flynn, ‘I think it’s providing a false sense of security that this activity will be reduced.’”

Trump’s immigration proposals have been under a blanket of resistance from the democrats from day one.

The President’s plans for America have not changed much in the time between his election and his inauguration, with the American people still expecting to get what they voted for.  Democrats and turncoat republicans who have been hard at work to stymy the Commander in Chief are doing nothing to move our nation forward, and must be called to the carpet for their arrogance during the 2018 election cycle.

As for Denver, we shall see if this resolution continues past its next legislative hurdle, and, if so, whether or not Denver would implement a plan to physically bar federal agents from performing their duties.

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