Dennis Michael Lynch has Contract Terminated by Nexsmax TV!

Our colleague and friend, Dennis Michael Lynch, is a rising star in conservative circles, or at least he was up until Wednesday night. On Wednesday, Dennis went toe-to-toe with his bosses at NewsMax TV and NewsMax responded by pulling the plug on his show, “Unfiltered.”

The dispute was over Newsmax’s request that Lynch tear down a competing network, Lynch refused, and Newsmax yanked him from the air.

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After years of appearing as a guest on FOX NEWS, in December of 2015 I was offered the opportunity to host and produce a program on NewsmaxTV.   ‘Dennis Michael Lynch: UNFILTERED’ launched on January 18, 2016.   The program instantly became the highest rated show on the network, and it remained number one up until last night (8/10) when NewsmaxTV suddenly pulled the show from air during its LIVE broadcast.  Today, I was notified by NewsmaxTV that the program is finished.  I received the notification via an email entitled, ‘Termination of Contract.’

The email states my termination is a result of the comments I made on the show last night, and because I am“unwilling to follow the reasonable directives of Newsmax in connection with hosting the nightly news/talk program.”

Read Dennis Michael Lynch’s Response to Newsmax TV at his Site DML…


Read Dennis Michael Lynch’s Response to Newsmax TV at his Site DML…


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