Dems Rally Around DISGUSTING Campaign Ad That Mocks C-Ville Victims

There is no doubt in the minds of Americans that the democrats have lost all sense of political decorum over the course of the last year, and one recent campaign ad proves it.

Of course, hate begets hate as well, meaning that this radicalization of the leftist ethos will further the descent into madness that American politics are currently engaged in until something fully horrific occurs.  For many, that watershed moment of violence has already come and gone several times without so much as a hesitation by the radical left as to their antics.

The events of Charlottesville, Virginia are an incredibly tragic example of this explosive environment.  The death of Heather Heyer, who was struck by a vehicle during an ideological confrontation stemming from the removal of a Confederate statute, was a truly horrific moment in this ongoing saga, and certainly not something that anyone would politicize for votes.

Or is it?

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One democratic organization, in Virginia of all places, has recreated the attack in a new campaign advertisement, replacing Heyer with children of diverse ethnic backgrounds and adding a Confederate battle flag to the offender’s vehicle.  Now, the democrats who are behooved by the ad are standing by the disgusting display.

“Democratic candidate for Virginia governor Ralph Northam is not distancing himself from the controversial ad suggesting supporters of Republican candidate Ed Gillespie are seen as Confederates who attack minority children.

“The new opposition ad titled ‘American Nightmare’ was released Monday by Democratic group Latino Victory Fund (LVF) and is scheduled to run through Election Day. The opposition ad shows minority children seemingly being chased by a driver in a pickup truck, decked out with a Confederate flag, a ‘Gillespie for governor’ bumper sticker and a ‘Don’t tread on me’ license plate.

“The driver makes his way toward the scared children who shout, ‘Run! Run! Run!’ when they see the truck. The ad concludes with a scene of a Charlottesville-like rally, with a  narrator asking: ‘Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the “American Dream?”‘”

The ad itself is absolutely sickening, but the message behind it could be even more worrisome.

There is a real fear that our nation is headed toward Civil War on the heels of events like those in Charlottesville, and the actions taken by radical leftists such as James T. Hodgkinson who opened fire on a congressional charity baseball practice.  Now, with democrats openly weaponizing these horrid realities into television advertisements, their rhetoric has gone from mildly infuriating to undoubtedly threatening.

Decorum is dead on the left.  How many others must die before we put an end to this radicalization?

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