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Dems Can’t Win An Election? LET’S CHANGE THE RULES THEN!

The resounding defeat of democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 should have been enough to send the democrats back to the drawing board a hundred times over.  Instead, we are still watching them bang their heads against a figurative wall nearly two years later.

Clinton’s loss wasn’t only a referendum on the popularity of Donald Trump and his “America First” ethos…it was also a fairly powerful indicator of just how little the nation thinks of corruption in our political system.  Clinton represented the status quo of The Swamp, and Americans let her know it.

Now, seeing as Donald Trump was able to securely sway the electoral college in 2016, the left is looking to eliminate it entirely, throwing away hundreds of years of political refinement in order to effectively blame the game and not the player.

A group is suing four U.S. states, claiming that the winner-take-all system for Electoral College selection disenfranchises voters and encourages presidential hopefuls to skip a large part of the country while campaigning.

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Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig and one-time Al Gore attorney David Boies have teamed up to form the group Equal Votes and to sue the states of California, Texas, Massachusetts and South Carolina.

The plaintiffs contend that the winner-take-all system for divvying up electoral votes cheats voters and violates the “one person, one vote” principle that the Supreme Court has enshrined under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. Currently, 48 states use the winner-take-all method to distribute electoral votes.

In Nebraska and Maine, conversely, electors are selected based on the winners in each congressional district.

I don’t know about you, but this feels an awful lot like flipping over the Monopoly board because you’re set to lose.

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