Democrats Turn on Party Faithful, Calling Them Stupid!

Nobody wants to be labeled ignorant, stupid, dumb, uneducated, etc.  But these are a few of the disparaging monikers hurled towards supporters of Donald Trump.

I know many Trump voters have said the same things about Hillary supporters, but there is a difference.

The former usually comes out of the month of the rank and file, while the latter is being perpetrated by the Democrat Party leadership and the leftist media.

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A few examples out of hundreds to choose from, one headline screamed “Trump and the Cult of Stupid” and another “American Idiots: Poll Proves Trump Supporters Are The Stupidest People In The US.”

It makes little difference to these “brainiacs” when it is demonstrated, on video, that Hillary supporters are mindless zombies who haven’t a clue what policies she supports.

In fact, Jimmy Kimmel’s man of the street interview took Donald Trump’s tax plan and attributed it Hillary and then asked her supporters if they agreed with it.  Every single one said yes!

I fear if they had asked these Hillary supporters if they supported her policy to enact Sharia Law they would have agreed it was a good idea.  Oh wait, they actually happened.

As if this is not enough, the DNC and their partners in crime, the mainstream media, lampoons Trump supporters as being uneducated.  How do they know?  Polls tell them so!

A recent survey touted how many voters with advanced degrees are supporting Hillary.  The implication is clear.  Do you want to be lumped in with the shirtless and shoeless Trump supporters or the academician who sits in an ivory tower?

Well, I have another spin on this study.  See, I happen to know that academia usually promotes as intelligent those who lean to the left.

A case in point is former communist Marvin Olasky.  He came out as a full-fledged communist after graduating from Yale, and his professors reigned down compliments upon him declaring him to be a top thinking intellectual. —

Years later when he converted to Biblical Christianity, he was shunned as being ignorant by these same professors.  Olasky would now be counted among those shirtless and shoeless ignoramuses.

And herein lies the irony!  In years past the Democrat party has touted itself as the party of the little guy.  The blue-collar worker!  The shirtless farmer with shoeless children who works twelve hour days in the field for pennies.

They declared themselves the champion of the small business man or woman who struggled to make ends meet.  Those whose livelihood was hanging by a shoestring as they live paycheck to paycheck.

The Democrats would weep, and their hearts would bleed as they pushed for legislation and more regulations to help the “little guy” scratching out a living in rural America. (Don’t believe me?  Watch this!)

But alas, the little guy, the shirtless farmer with shoeless children, the small business man, and woman, they are now leaving the Democrat party in droves supporting Donald Trump.

So Hillary, the Democrats, and the media have a new label for the once backbone of the party — ignorant, stupid, dumb, and uneducated.

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