Democrats Tell NFL, “Damned If You Do or Don’t” on Anthem Debacle

For fans of football, it seemed as though the NFL may have struck an acceptable compromise in the fight over the National Anthem, but not everyone seems to agree.

Last week it was announced that the NFL would begin fining teams if their players protested during the National Anthem, but giving those athletes the option to remain in the locker room as opposed to taking part of the on-field Anthem ceremony.  While not ideal, and while leaving plenty of room for new forms of protest, this seemed like the only responsible way to proceed with the NFL season beginning again in only a few short weeks.

Well, it seems that the league is going to wind up in the “damned if you do” camp after all, with democrats now calling for a boycott of the league based on the compromise they reached on the anthem fight.

On Sunday, Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee Keith Ellison weighed in on the NFL’s new policy prohibiting kneeling for the national anthem, and his response was full of self-righteous venom as he called for boycotting the NFL:

Last October, as The Daily Wire reported, after Eminem went on an anti-Trump tirade, Ellison glowingly likened him to former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who started the trend of kneeling for the national anthem.

Certainly, Ellison’s move wasn’t surprising by any means, but it should strike a chord with Americans who are sick and tired of playing the Deep State’s divide and conquer game.

To put it this way, the left is attempting to blitz QB Trump by wedging and splitting the offensive line, allowing a number of their heavy hitters to run up the gut and sack the Commander in Chief.  That wedge they are using is the division of We The People down party lines through the vitriolic narrative that men such as Ellison are espousing on the daily.  We mustn’t fall for it.  We mustn’t take Ellison’s advice if we don’t want to.

These debates will surely continue, and that is just fine.  Americans are a rough and tumble breed and we can handle the infighting.  What we must be weary of are the imaginary lines that the wicked impose upon us in order to pit us against one another.

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