Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats Talking Impeachment Again, But Not For Trump!

Americans of a democratic persuasion are less than thrilled this week as Brett Kavanaugh is making his way onto the highest bench in all the land.

A contentious and rather ugly confirmation process is now behind us, in which we became witness to some of the most egregious and vile behavior in the history of modern politics.  Not only did the media prop up a fame-driven lawyer and his incredible client’s claims of witnessing the esteemed judge drugging and gang raping women, but we had television writers exclaiming that they themselves were glad that they “ruined” Brett Kavanaugh’s life…a claim that unbelievably took more than a few hours to be retracted.

Now, in what could be their final attempt at conjuring a “blue wave” for the 2018 midterms, the liberal left is now pushing for impeachment again…but this time, they are hinging their vote-gathering strategy on the idea of removing Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court.

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The narrow confirmation of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend marked a major political victory for President Trump – and the beginning of a new battle for Democrats, who are now shifting their message to threaten possible impeachment against the newest high court justice and question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court itself.

After a grueling confirmation fight that included graphic sexual misconduct allegations which the nominee denied, Kavanaugh was confirmed Saturday on 50-48 vote. His ceremonial swearing-in will be held Monday evening.

But as he joins the court, replacing retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, prominent Democrats signal the fight over his seat and the court itself will extend well beyond next month’s midterms.

“Now, they want to impeach him. … It’s an insult to the American public,”  Trump said Monday, still fuming over the confirmation process and predicting Republican candidates would only benefit from the controversy in the midterms.

Democrats, though, maintain the fight is energizing their core. “We will not stop marching, we will not stop fighting,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement.

Perhaps this was the plan all along, to allow Kavanaugh’s confirmation just in time to fundraise and vote-gather off of the manufactured controversy.


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