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Democrats Still Obsessed With Trump Taxes, Plan National Day of Action


Priorities seem to be a serious problem for democrats and their progressive kin, especially when it comes to their irrational hatred for all things Trump.

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The newly minted President Donald Trump has been condemned and lambasted by the left and their lapdogs in the mainstream media for the choice he made in not divulging his entire financial history to the public before taking office.

This entire debacle seemingly came to a head a few weeks back, when liberal television host and wannabe-Keith Olbermann-clone Rachel Maddow created an uproar with a simple tweet claiming that she “had” Trump’s tax returns, and would be sharing them with the nation on her program that night.

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The miserable publicity stunt immediately backfired.  Not only did Maddow lose in the race to disclose the tax returns by an hour, after the White House went ahead and did it for her, she then spent the first twenty minutes of her program with an uncharacteristic drawl, attempting to drag viewers into the first commercial break before divulging anything of substance.  She hemmed and hawed about the “importance” of seeing the Commander in Chief’s financial history for an inordinate amount of time while America slowly began to realize that something was amiss in her story.

Then, finally, Maddow dropped her unsatisfying non-bombshell:  She had only two pages of Trump’s 2005 return, and all it indicated was that he paid a lot more taxes by percentage than most Americans, including progressive patriarch Bernie Sanders, a supposed economic guru on the far left of America’s political scene.

Now, even after the embarrassing debacle over at MSNBC, democrats are still clamoring for Trump’s tax history.  It could be to distract us from the victories of the administration, or they may simply wish to spin and spout and sputter from their talk holes regarding every minute detail that they find “peculiar”.

This has all led to the political left to call for a march to demand the President’s tax returns.

“Democratic Party operatives are planning over 100 ‘tax marches’ across America this Saturday, demanding that Donald Trump release his full tax returns and opposing proposed cuts to federal tax.

“’We need a president who works for all Americans, and a tax system that does too. Release your tax returns and commit to a fair tax system for the American people,’ a statement from the event’s website reads.

” It continues: ‘President Trump needs to be straight with the American people. To whom does he owe favors? Who are his policies really intended to benefit? Who will he put first? Working families are struggling to make ends meet, but we pay our fair share in taxes – does Donald Trump pay any at all?’

“Over 60 left-wing groups, including, Communications Workers of America, American Federation of Teachers, Americans for Tax Fairness, Indivisible, the Sunlight Foundation, and the Bernie Sanders spin-off group Our Revolution, will participate in the march.”

This is just the latest stunt being perpetrated by America’s forlorn leftists, who are still yearning for the disastrous and traitorous leadership of Barack Obama or, Heaven help us, Hillary Clinton, whose own trove of financial disclosures via Wikileaks practically sunk her presidential campaign and any future plans for an office in Washington D.C.

Worse yet, the left has inadvertently sabotaged and marginalized women once again.  With the Women’s March in Washington D.C. being the pinnacle of their organizational uprising, attempting to mimic and exploit these same tactics is not only tacky, but downright derogatory.


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