Why are the Democrats so Scared to Investigate Voter Fraud?

Early Wednesday Morning President Donald Trump announced that he would ask for a “major investigation” into allegations of voter fraud.


Naturally the Democrats who called for investigation when they thought  Russia’s Putin stole the election for Pres. Trump had a cow. They were joined by the liberal media who just yesterday was asking Sean Spicer questions such as. “but if the president believes there were 2-3 million illegal aliens I mean criminally trespassing aliens, why isn’t he doing an investigation.”

The Clinton News Network was all over the story (in their own biased way). Liberal CNN morning host Chris Cuomo who supported every deficit-growing program that Barack Obama pushed through, all of sudden worried about fiscal responsibility.

. Here’s what Chris Cuomo had to say during an interview with Rep. Chris Collins:

“Are you worried about defending something that is somewhat indefensible? So now, my money, your money, is going to go towards investigating something that we don’t have a shred of proof. What this opinion is based on has been called out and debunked by the people who did the studies. And now we’re going to waste our money taking a look at something because it bruised someone’s ego? Is that what this is about?”


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