Democrats Say “Yea” to Capital Punishment

In what can only be described as a major policy shift, some Democrats are now coming out in favor of capital punishment.

Turns out, they were just waiting for a crime they felt deserving of the death penalty.

Follow along as we travel down the warped path of liberal logic.

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On April 17, 1995, in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, fourteen-year-old Kristy Ohnstad was kidnapped and raped by Clark Elmore. Sated, he strangled her. Then he drove a metal skewer through her head. Just in case she was still alive (or just because he was totally depraved), he tied a plastic bag around her head and battered in her skull with a sledge hammer.

He was arrested, convicted and condemned.

The United States Supreme Court denied to hear his appeal, though bleeding heart liberals Sotomayor and Ginsburg did their best to get the sentence overturned. Still, justice was denied when Governor Jay Inslee (Democrat) granted Elmore a reprieve.

Groups such as The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ACLU, along with Democrat activists all across the country, have long fought to abolish the death penalty in cases such as Elmore’s.

But that was yesteryear, this is today.

On June 14, 2017 a group of Republican congressmen showed up at a baseball field in Virginia carrying bats, balls, and mitts.

James Hodgkinson showed up carrying a high powered rifle.

In the aftermath of the shooting, all right-thinking people are thanking God no one was killed.

But the reactions of some on the left are a mix of joy and disappointment. Joy that Republicans were targeted, but disappointment that the psychotic goal was not achieved, and that the address was not 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Here are just some of the comments from progressives:

Huff Po BetaBoy Jesse Benn: “For violent resistance to work it’d need to be organized.”

Zit-head Malcolm Harris of The New Republic: “If the shooter has a serious health condition is taking pot shots at the GOP self-defense?”

And because baiting a race war is oxygen to progressives, we have Tariq Nasheed’s hot take: “Rep. Steve Scalise, who once spoke at a white supremacist rally sponsored by David Duke, was SHOT today.” (CAP LOCKS his not mine, because anyone who speaks at a rally full of idiots deserves to be SHOT.

So, let’s review.

Crimes not eligible for the death penalty:

Vicious and overly violent murder committed by pedophile rapists.


Crimes that require mandatory death penalty:

Failure to participate in Group Think.

Being a Republican.

Supporting a president that is not the one chosen by the left.


What we witnessed yesterday is the natural progression of the progressive fascists.

It began with jackboot thugs sent to Trump rallies by the Clinton campaign’s Robert Creamer and Scott Foval, to pose as supporters and incite violence in order to further the media/Dem meme that Trump supporters are violent.

This was followed by the many assaults perpetrated by the Anti-fa punks, mostly viewable on the internet only as the main stream media refuses to show anything that doesn’t advance their fake news narrative.

This opened the door for the death threats on elected Republicans such as New York’s Claudia Tenney, who received this lovely message after the Scalise shooting: “One down, 216 to go.” And Utah’s Jason Chaffetz, who was assured, “I will hunt your ass down, wrap a rope around your neck, and hang you from a lamppost.” And let’s not forget Director Joss Wheedon’s classic: “I want a rhino to F*ck Paul Ryan to death.”

The next logical step was the increase, and acceptance by many, of imagined assassinations, suggested by the likes of Snoop Pup, Kathy Griffin and Central Park’s Shakespearean troupe, The Chamberpot’s Men.

After yesterday’s attempt at murder, there is only one step remaining.

And don’t doubt for a minute that right now, in some basement hideaway, fanatics who vote only for candidates with a D next to their name are discussing how to do just that.



Special Counselor Robert Mueller’s office has announced the name of their star witness in the Trump collusion case – Tituba.


Chelsea Clinton is said to be hard at work on the follow-up to her book “SHE PERSISTED” the story of a little girl who would not take no for an answer. The sequel will be called “HE PERSISTED” and it’s about her dad, Bill, who wouldn’t take no for an answer. From Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Wiley, etc., etc.

S.P. Palermo

Sonny Palermo is an editor, novelist, humorist and marketing director. His writing has appeared at Lucianne’s, David Horowitz’s News Reel Blog, American Thinker, I Hate the Media and the Daily Caller, as well as other popular websites and magazines. His favorite quote is "With Words I Enlist a Dark Army." (Pat Conroy, Prince of Tides) When asked to submit a short bio, he sent us this: I was born. Then a lot of other stuff happened. Currently I'm in Vegas, Sin City, where 50% of my time is spent in the confessional booth trying to explain (and seeking penance for) the other 50%.

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