Democrats Push For a Police State to Remove Guns from Society

Aren’t we fortunate to live in a cocaine-free society? Society is much better off when citizens can only get legal drugs through a licensed pharmacist. No overdoses. No illegal drug abuse. No heroin, cocaine, crack or any other dangerous drug is present in America. The government has passed laws banning them. Therefore, they are no longer present in society. Right?

What? There are illegally obtained drugs in America? How is that possible? Do criminals not respect the laws? The truth is, it is impossible to remove drugs from a free society. If people want them, they will break the law and get them.

The only way to remove drugs (or guns) from society is to form a police state with unlimited government power, similar to the old Soviet Union, Communist China or Nazi Germany. The government can listen in to every conversation and search any home if there is any suspicion of drugs (guns) being there. Citizens must give up every right to any privacy and fully trust the government to protect them. The exact opposite of the beliefs and freedoms that America was founded on.

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Of course, this police state would by necessity have to seal the border to achieve the mandate of removing drugs (or guns) from society. 100% secure. Everyone and everything passing the border must be inspected to make sure no illegal drugs are entering the nation. There’s an idea: Let the federal government prove it can secure America’s border BEFORE it tries to pass any more laws regulating citizens.

The idea of a government gun law removing guns from society will be just as effective as the government drug laws have been in removing drugs. Both will still be plentiful and available to any citizen willing to break the law.

And make no mistake, Omar Mateen, the Orlando butcher, was a law-breaker. He murdered 49 people and counting. Murder is illegal in Orlando, Florida. That law did not prevent Omar from killing. Maybe if we rushed to pass a specific law banning murder in nightclubs and bars after midnight? (Dripping sarcasm)

The fact that I am writing this shortly after the Islamic terror attack in Orlando means I have already fallen into the liberal trap. I’m discussing gun control idiocy instead of discussing Islamic terrorism. Liberals have already achieved a key goal: deflecting from their failure to protect Americans from this real threat.

America’s founders told us that morality is necessary for a free society to thrive. They taught that there was a Creator, and He would judge us upon our deaths. This type of morality does not eliminate crime, but it deters it with the presence of eternal consequences for actions that harm others. In a free society, police primarily respond to crimes after the fact. Punishing the criminals, not deterring crime.

That is why it is so important to NOT allow immigrants/refugees into America that do not share our moral values of religious freedom and liberty for all. Once a potential terrorist is in America, it is nearly impossible to track him and prevent attacks. In this case, Mateen’s father has “well-known anti-American views and is an ideological supporter of the Afghan Taliban.” He likely passed on his pro-Taliban, pro-Sharia law beliefs to his son. Included in these beliefs is the death penalty for homosexuals, as well as treating women more like property than equal human beings. So why was Mateen’s father allowed to migrate to America?


Scot Wolf

Scot Wolf received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri, graduating Magna Cum Laude with Honors. He is a lifelong Christian, who has completed courses on biblical study, and believes science and faith can be integrated in forming a worldview. Read more about the US Constitution's founding and how America has deviated from it in: The Bible and Constitution Made America Great by Providing Freedom and Liberty to Citizens available at

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