Democrats No Longer Proud To Be American, Poll Reveals


Ascribing to the liberal mindset and progressive ethos must be a tiring and arduous campaign of constant denial, defense, and dumbfounding idolatry.

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First, you must come up with a reason why every single not-broken thing in this world needs fixing.  From the healthcare system that was in place before former President Barack Obama foolishly tampered with it, to the nation’s laws regarding immigration, progressives must always seek progression.  It is the very definition of what they do.  The issue here, of course, is that progression is hardly ever a momentous, forward movement with these American leftists.  Rather, they are simply sliding the public perception of the nation to warrant their own meddling.

Take for instance the absolutely abhorrent obsession that Barack Obama had with public restrooms in his last few months in office.  This was not an issue that was affecting an enormous, or even significant, portion of the American populace.  Sure, that sounds cruel, but we have to subscribe to the facts in this instance:  There were no mass protests, riots, or pieces of congressional testimony by affected persons seeking a massive, expensive, and controversial shift in the nation’s bathroom policies.  There was no significant outcry, yet the President took the nuclear option, threatening to pull funding from our nation’s public schools should they not comply with his dangerous decree that all bathrooms be available to anyone in any public school, regardless of gender, age, or sexual preference.

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And this is when the bandwagon opened its back gate and a million millennials jumped onboard, like lemmings to the cliff.

It has now become difficult to avoid the manufactured plight of the nation’s suddenly massive transgender population.  Advocacy groups sprung up seemingly overnight in the wake of the former President’s ridiculous ultimatum, ready to exposed and eradicate these self-created social justice atrocities that didn’t exist en masse before Obama found that wild hare in his derriere.

The motivation behind this surprising and ridiculous move may never be fully understood, but we do know from a careful examination of the outcome, that progressives are exploiting this trendy cause du jour to float to the top of the national consciousness.  Being a progressive simply means that you require change, and they will make an argument for changing whatever the world is talking about.  This is precisely how they’ve attempted to stay relevant for decades.

Simply put:  It’s a cop out.  Progression occurs everywhere, and change is inevitable.  All that these leftist twerps are doing is riding the waves of trendy social causes further and further from the shores of American values.

Now, in the wake of these ridiculous policies, and the exponentially increasing advocacy opportunities coming from further out on the fringes of society, many democrats are seeking an identity that is not of We The People.

“A new Gallup survey found that the percentage of Democrats who are proud to be Americans has declined to a new low.

“The poll shows that 67 percent of Democrats say they are either ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ proud to be Americans; in 2016 that number was 78 percent. It’s a new low for Democrats in the history of the survey, as the prior low was 74 percent in 2007.

“Only 18 percent of Democrats said they were ‘moderately’ proud, and 14 percent said they were only a little proud or not proud at all. The latter number was six percent the year prior.

“By contrast, Republicans who were ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ proud to be Americans increased from 89 percent in 2016 to 92 percent in 2017. Independents’ patriotic pride declined slightly, from 76 percent in 2016 to 73 percent in 2017.”

As you can see from the data, all of this progression has had a profound effect on the minds of the tiring democratic progressives as they become disenfranchised with the nation that was left in the wake of Barack Obama’s disastrous reign.

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