Democrats Moved From ‘Collusion’ To ‘Obstruction’ To ‘Emoluments’ Accusations – Just Looking to Dump Trump

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RCP’s Tom Bevan had perhaps the most insightful commentary when speaking about the flurry of investigations, innuendo, accusations, and attacks being leveled at the Trump administration these days.

It seems like the Trump administration is being accused of some new heinous crime each and every day, and that’s because they are. As Bevan explains to Fox News’ Bret Baier, when each new line of attack proves fruitless, the Democrats simply use the media to move to another attack.

Bret Baier: Is there a chance that Capitol Hill moves on [from the Russia investigation]? When does the onus shift? I’ve asked this a couple times to different panels and different people… Does it ever shift to there being a there, there? Otherwise we all need to move on.

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Tom Bevan: I don’t think so.

Bret Baier: [Special investigator] Bob Mueller?

Tom Bevan: Well look, theoretically in a perfect world, Bob Mueller will come out with a decision that… moves forward the investigation. And that would be sort of the decisive moment.

But I do think we have seen the Democrats… because the base of their party… do not believe that Trump is the legitimate president, and they want to see him removed by any means necessary. So there was initially collusion, then we are moving to obstruction, and now we’re moving to Democratic Attorneys General of states suing on the emoluments clause, next they are going to go after his business dealings.

So even if Bob Mueller comes out with a decisive opinion one way or the other, this is going to carry on.

Bevan is 100% correct, and it’s something that I brought up last week. It doesn’t matter if President Trump is completely vindicated of every crime or complaint he’s ever been accused of, the Democrat Party and their allies in the media will always find something to bludgeon the Trump administration with. There really seems to be no hope that the Trump administration will ever get a chance to operate a “normal” presidency, because the left’s posture toward his administration is just full-tilt insane.

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