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Democrats Love Socialism so Why Don’t they Move to Venezuela?

“Venezuela, a Democratic-socialist state with the world’s largest oil reserves has descended into a mind-boggling Malthusian chaos. The country has been engulfed in violence, hunger, and corruption and is on the edge of total societal collapse. Venezuela’s socialist experimentation has decimated the middle class…”

Veteran filmmaker and journalist Ami Horowitz has discovered that Democrats LOVE socialism. He’s learned this by asking average Democrats about the economic and political system that gives control of our lives to the government, and gives people freedom from freedom (see what I did there?). Yes, we conservatives might understand that socialism could just as easily be called government paternalism, we might also know that socialism has never actually led to prosperity… anywhere… ever. But apparently, Democrats have missed all of those history, economics, and life lessons.

Some of the most moving arguments against socialism come, not from academics and economists, but from the people forced to live in the slavery of the system itself. When Horowitz asks a pair of women what they would say to Americans hoping to bring “Democratic-socialism” to America they reply harshly:

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Woman 1: “They would have to live what we are living so they can see for themselves that nothing is good, so they see that this is only a nightmare for us, a terror.”

Woman 2: “I would tell the Americans not to commit to that madness because that is all a lie. They lied to us. We don’t have anything to eat. Crime has taken over. So yeah, it would not be smart to commit to that madness.”

Watch as Ami educates them about what socialism really is.

Democrats love socialism. Ami goes to Venezuela to find out how well Socialism is working out for people there.


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