Democrats have Long Attacked Republicans as Subhuman Hatemongers

A crazed nut-job attacked a practice of the congressional GOP baseball team. The hatred that drove 66-year-old James Hodgkinson to attempt a massacre of the Republican baseball team was that Republicans are sub-human haters. That hatred has been fomented by the Democratic Party, and it began long before Donald Trump Became president.

For years the Democrats have portrayed their Republican opposition as sub-human, narcissistic, greedy, rich, fat-cat, corporate chieftains and/or hillbilly, gun-toting, women-hating, religious fanatics, and racist xenophobes who hate Jews and want to reinstitute slavery.

To aid in their quest to de-humanize the opposition, the Democrats resort to name calling instead of rational discussion. When there is a distance between Republican and Democratic positions, rather than using facts, or trying to convince their political opponents that their stance is correct, Democrats tend to de-humanize their political opponents by name calling, or applying labels to anyone who agrees with the GOP stand. Thus they’ve been attempting to teach Americans that Republicans aren’t people who disagree with their political position, but rather they are sub-human hate mongers.

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Allow me to provide some examples (there are lots more where the below came from):

  • In the 2008 and 2012 campaigns, people who believe in the sanctity of life weren’t described as pro-life, they were misogynists who were conducting a war on women.
  • Led by the president himself, people who disagreed with Barack Obama’s policies, even if those disagreements were based on policy were labeled as racists. But it wasn’t just the President, Rep. Hank Johnson said the NRA was racist because it opposed Obama on gun control. Charlie Rangel claimed the Tea Party, whose goal was smaller govt, and lower taxes was racist. Jesse Jackson stated that theTea Party “should be called the “Fort Sumter Tea Party that sought to maintain states’ rights and slavery.”


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