Democrats Introduce Doomed Resolution Aimed At Embarrassing President

The liberal “resistance” to President Trump is in full effect this week as congressional democrats attempt yet another pathetic political stunt.

From the moment that Donald Trump was elected President, the left has been out for blood.  Disregarding the choice made by their fellow Americans, democrats and other progressive pinheads launched a full-on assault against the businessman-turn-Commander in Chief known simply as the “resistance”.  The concept was simple:  Oppose each and every action, opinion, and acquaintance of the President.  Much of what has occurred in the name of this childish “movement” has been pedantic nonsense aimed squarely at effecting the public’s perception of Trump, but the latest political move by the delusional democrats is a dirty one that commits to record the cockamamy leftist theory that the President is somehow not mentally fit for office.

“Frustrated Democrat politicians in the US House of Representatives have filed an official ‘no confidence’ resolution against President Donald Trump, formally questioning his suitability to occupy the White House.

The resolution, brought by Rep. Steve Cohen has no chance of successfully passing through the Republican-led chamber, but it provides a comprehensive litany of all of the President’s controversial actions since taking office.

 “It lists 88 reasons why the Democrats behind the resolution believe Mr Trump is not suitable to hold the Presidency and ranges from citing the furore over crowd sizes at Mr Trump’s inauguration, to the way Mr Trump has handled the investigation into Russian interference in the election.

“The list also questions many of Mr Trump’s business deals, his regular volleys against what he calls the ‘fake news’ media, and his derogatory verbal attacks on women.”

This is not the first time that the democrats have irresponsibly insinuated that Donald Trump is not mentally fit for office.

There has been wild talk of invoking the 25th Amendment as a way for the “resistance” to remove the President, although many keyboard warriors on the left are mistakenly assuming that this doomed resolution is a piece of that effort.  In reality, the idea of using the 25th Amendment to end a Presidency would require that the Vice President approve the venture, creating a dead end for dirty democrats’ desire to the depose The Donald.

All of this talk about removing a world leader simply because one political party is upset that he was elected is absolutely absurd.  The democrats are actively attempting to undermine the office of the President for current, and future, political malarky.  If they are allowed to succeed in their campaign to delegitimize Trump, our entire electoral process will fall victim to the left’s convoluted scheme, creating anarchy during the 2020 contest.

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