Democrats didn’t Care when Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama Revealed Classified Intel

Hypocritical Democrats are at it again.

Washington Post story that ran late Monday afternoon argued that President Trump had revealed classified intelligence to the Russians in a recent meeting. Within the hour several high-ranking members of the Trump administration; including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster both refuted the story saying that the President had done no such thing. However, the testimony of people who were actually in the meeting did nothing to stop Democrats from hyperventilating about the possibility that the President had passed classified intel on to the Ruskies.

On Monday evening, the always with-it Fox News pundit Charles Krauthammer pointed out that these very same Democrats didn’t care at all when Hillary Clinton was PROVEN to have revealed thousands of pages of classified information. Their decision to now be completely outraged about the possibility of an inadvertent revelation seems odd when compared to the reams of intelligence that Clinton carelessly mislaid.

“The question is, did he do it unwisely. Of all the probabilities, they idea he was acting as a Manchurian candidate feeding information to his Russian operatives and controllers is ridiculous. The only implication here is that he is unschooled. I don’t think there’s a lot here. This is a president slipping on a banana peel….”

Later Krauthammer continued the line of thought by first noting the naked political opportunism on the part of the Democrat Party:

“I think these statements are completely irresponsible from the DNC. They have no idea what was revealed. They have no idea the gravity of it. It can be, perhaps it’s not, but this is pure opportunism and a reflex reaction. And particularly since their candidate for the presidency had been spilling classified information, some of the highest level, for a year and a half and the Democrats pretended it wasn’t a problem or that it should be ignored is rather unseemly.

Having said that, the issue is we don’t know what the information was. Probably the content of it is not the problem. It sounds as if is we have an ally who has infiltrated into ISIS and this might have helped the Russians see that and perhaps knowing the Russians, that information would be spilled elsewhere. Because after all, the Russians are allied with Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, others. So that information could spread.

It’s something like what happened some years ago when there’s a leak from the Yemen branch of al Qaeda and we learned about, I think they had advanced operations in terms of blowing up airliners by hiding electronics and by leaking that, we revealed that we had somebody inside the operation. It was then blown. And that was the end of that source of information. So, it’s not as if it hasn’t happened before. It’s possible. We are not sure how much of a breach it is but if it did hinder our relations with an ally who has already infiltrated inside, it could be a problem.”

As the Federalist also explains, Democrats and the media didn’t care when Obama shared classified information with Cuba either. (Even knowing that Cuba would likely turn around and share that information with Iran.)

Just a month before the 2016 election, President Barack Obama signed a policy directive ordering the U.S. intelligence community to share sensitive U.S. intelligence with Cuba’s communist government, despite the fact that one of the top U.S. intelligence official had branded Cuba as one of America’s biggest espionage threats

While the Obama administration’s plan to share U.S. intelligence with Cuban spies was immediately opposed by a handful of Republican members of Congress, the intel sharing agreement received scant attention from most mainstream U.S. media sources…

Several lawmakers noted at the time that the intelligence-sharing deal with Cuba could result in the communist regime sending U.S. intelligence to Iran.

Do you remember any media outrage from Obama’s decision to share sensitive intel with Cuba? No, because there was no outrage.

Apparently, the media and the left are only outraged when Trump acts.

Onan Coca

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