The Democrats Continued Confusion

Democrat Confusion


Trending: Democratic Rep Makes OBSCENE Trump Joke to Open Florida Rally


Obama might be gay.

I mean he’s in favor of them in the army

Or in marriage.


I don’t care.

But I do.


I am not prejudiced.

I am capable of reasonable distinctions.


Hey, I don’t want ladies in my bathroom

Or men in my wife’s.


Transgender is failure to know oneself.


Yoko said she made love to Hillary.

Can you imagine giving up a star like John Lennon

For a bloated bitch like Hillary.


Bill is a pedophile and a rapist.


Hillary’s assistant Huma Abedin is married

To a compulsive sexter—Weiner.


Imagine with all this Obama fostered sexual confusion

We are going to fight the Muslims


Who know what sex they are so firmly that they kill gays

And adulterous wives.


We are weak.

The Democrats have thrown us out the window.

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