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Democrats’ Chickens Coming Home to Roost

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It’s been a rough week for Democrats, between the Senate taking the “nuclear option” to push Neil Gorsuch through to the Supreme Court and President Trump showing the world what a leader looks like by punishing Syria for its vile poison gas attack on civilians.

As obnoxious as the Democrats have been since Trump’s election by way of marches, riots and endless media attacks, there was little they could do this past week to slow the transformation of the country from the socialist “paradise” they have worked for decades to create back toward the direction of becoming something vaguely recognizable as America.

That is, little they could do except complain, of course.

The swift, unanticipated attack on Syria left a lot of liberals — and a few conservatives, like Michael Savage — sputtering, with their jaws on the floor.

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Liberals and the opposition RINOs knew instinctively that they were supposed to oppose Trump’s move, but the best they could come up with was claims that the strike was somehow illegal, that Trump should have gotten “permission” from Congress to act like the commander-in-chief.

Even the left-leaning PolitiFact wasn’t buying that line of argument, because the War Powers Act gives the president broad latitude to engage in battle to protect America’s interests without having to ask Congress for permission — something many presidents, including Barack Obama, took advantage of.

The Democrats’ claim gets even further undermined by the fact that mere hours before the missile strike, the party’s losing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton crawled out of the woods to give a speech at the Women in the World summit, in which she said she regretted the Obama Administration’s weakness in Syria and said, “I really believe that we should have and still should take out his air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them.”

So after Trump actually did what she said should be done, she and the rest of the Trump-hating Left quickly had to find a new tack for their criticism, settling on claims that Trump is hypocritical in voicing concern for human rights in Syria while not idiotically opening our borders to every undercover ISIS terrorist from that country.

Even if we didn’t have the example of Europe to prove repeatedly the sheer stupidity of allowing waves of immigrants from terrorism-sponsoring Muslim countries into one’s own home, it should still be obvious to even the most obtuse minds that groups of immigrants being temporarily denied entry, of whom it is strongly suspected many could be ISIS agents, are not the moral equivalent of civilians, including children, sitting in their homes and unexpectedly being killed in an agonizingly painful manner by a cloud of poison gas.

The connection to Trump’s immigration policies is so fatuous that some liberals, like those at the Huffing-and-Puffington Post, apparently just finally threw up their hands and resorted to name-calling, with headlines like “President ‘America First’ Escalates Another Military Involvement” (which Obama started, you may recall), or “Cable News Praises Trump on Syria, Because Bombing Stuff is ‘Presidential.’

The Democrats’ reactions to the Republicans’ use of “the nuclear option” to approve Gorsuch was no less whinging and no more weighty.

The HuffPo proclaimed, “Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court After Historic Blockade of Obama’s Nominee.”

How dare they?

There’s certainly been a lot of irony for Democrats in the past week, and more than a little wonderment about what exactly they expected to happen. Consider:

A war in Syria is something that President Obama spent the better part of his Administration trying to pull off. In the final analysis, few people trusted or respected him enough after the Arab Spring, Egypt and Libya (particularly Benghazi) to follow him on more adventurism in his quest to overthrow Bashar al-Assad for apparently no good reason, leaving Obama to continue with his gunrunning and back channel funding of “moderate” Muslim rebels who more often than not took our aid and carried it to the nearest ISIS camp. Even the halfhearted bombing campaign against ISIS and coordination with Russia couldn’t hide the fact that Obama really wanted to take out Assad.

More recently, the Democrats have made it an ongoing campaign to irritate the Russians and damage relations with oft-repeated claims that Russia “hacked” the election and somehow rigged the Electoral College and made Hillary lose, and that President Trump is Vladimir Putin’s lackey. Most annoying, though, have been the claims that somehow even speaking to Russian officials is an impeachable offense. (I’m looking at you and your fright wig, [score]Maxine Waters[/score].)

So now the Democrats are going to act surprised when Trump doesn’t confer with Russia, demonstrates his independence by acting against Russia’s client state Syria, does something virtually identical to what Obama and Hillary wanted to do but were too cowardly to carry out, and does so in the greatest American tradition of making an international stand for human rights.

Regarding Gorsuch, it should be noted that the “nuclear option” of changing the rules for votes on judicial nominees to get around opposition is something cooked up by Harry Reid when Democrats were in charge of the Senate but had neither the necessary numbers nor persuasive ability to get the required number of votes to push through some fantastically extreme leftist judges. Liberals thought it was OK then, but now that the tactic is used against their wishes, and for a Supreme Court seat, no less, then it’s all boohoo and “it’s not fair.”

Break out the tiny violins.

The Democrats spent eight years making their bed. This week, the president and the Senate majority made them lie in it.

To paraphrase yet another far, far Left extremist, Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright, the Democrats’ chickens are finally coming home to roost.

And while they come to grips with that, Trump meanwhile is looking more and more presidential to people who count, and is restoring our allies’ faith after eight long years of doubt.

After her confrontation with the Russian representative over Syria at the United Nations, Ambassador Nikki Haley received a text from a member of the Security Council, which said simply, “Thank you for what you said today. It’s so good to see America lead.”

Amen to that.

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