Claire McCaskill

Democratic Senator in Hot Water Over Massive Travel Expenses

The Washington establishment of the D.C swamp continues to rake the American taxpayer over the coals this week after stunning accusations have surfaced.

For far too long, the fat cats on Capitol Hill have been exploiting their positions of power in order to milk the American people for all that they are worth.  Their salaries are exorbitant, they are exempt from government-mandated Obamacare, and they have been bowing down to the special interest overlords of Big Industry for decades.  Now that Donald Trump is in office, we will hopefully be able to smoke out many of these bottom-feeding varmints for good.

Next on the list of D.C. deplorables is democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, who has apparently been running a travel racket at the expense of We The People.

“Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) took action earlier this year to make her family’s private plane untrackable by the public, according to documents obtained from the Federal Aviation Administration.

“McCaskill garnered much criticism ahead of her last reelection campaign over her use of a private jet at taxpayer expense, causing her to demand her husband ‘sell the damn plane.’ But they bought a new, more expensive plane shortly after she won that election. Now, as she gears up for her next election fight, they have taken action to limit scrutiny of the plane’s use.

“The company hired by McCaskill to operate the plane, a 2009 Pilatus PC-12/47E, wrote to the FAA earlier this year in April to ask that tracking information on the plane be blocked from the public, according to email records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon through a Freedom of Information Act request.

“Representatives for McCaskill did not respond to multiple inquiries into the reason for the request and whether it had to do with her upcoming election.

“The Washington Free Beacon reported in October that McCaskill had spent nearly $21,000 to use her private plane on the campaign trail in just three months. McCaskill was also spotted using her private plane in August for travel between town halls she held in Missouri, which are events held by her official Senate office.

“McCaskill also failed to respond to request for comment on those trips.”

The invincible attitude of these Washington D.C. crooks has been a focus of the Trump administration and of the President himself for quite some time, and McCaskill will certainly be unable to avoid the onslaught of criticism that this move brings.

While the rest of the nation is fixated on the perverse and salacious actions of Al Franken, John Conyers, and other democratic deviants, we cannot be distracted long…there is still plenty of swamp to be drained yet.

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