Democratic Rep Goes on The Offensive Against “Unjust” Idea of “Borders”

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Sometimes, the truth of what the democrats believe is far for worrisome than the hyperbolic spin that you may find littering the social media landscape.

Such has certainly been the case during this, the Trump Era of politics, in which the classically trained career politicians of the democratic party continue to put their feet directly into their mouths in an attempt to vilify President Donald Trump.  Their carte blanche, “resistance” schtick has put them at odds with the rest of the nation, let alone the decorum and constructs of society in general, as they consistently rail against the President on all subjects, no matter what.

For instance, Trump could say that he prefers Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to Reese’s Pieces, and a boycott would break out.

Don’t believe me?  Well what about Democratic Representative Keith Ellison who this week pushed back against the idea of even having a border around America as a way to disparage the President’s plan for national security.

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“Since NAFTA, Mexican wages have dropped between nine and thirteen percent,” Ellison said. “Now, some people have said to me, oh, Keith, that’s too bad for them. And my answer is, no that’s too bad for us because that means those people are going to be a low wage sector not only in Mexico, but here in the United States. And the undocumented worker is an exploited worker.”

“We just have to say that the 12 million undocumented people in the United States are here because somebody wants them to be,” he added. “But they want them here to do the work, but they don’t want them to get any rights. They don’t want to pay them fairly.”

He continued: “And labor, which is a regular person, cannot travel back and forth across the border. And so corporations, certain people who get certain rights, can go back and forth across the border seeking out the lowest wages, but people, regular people, cannot go back and forth across the border seeking out the highest wages. So what it creates is an imbalance. It creates an injustice.”

The only injustice here, Keith, is that we don’t enforce the border law, which then lessens the value of American citizenship to an absurd degree.

Ah, I’ve totally forgotten:  The left is ashamed to be from America.

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