More Democratic Meddling On The Way For Trump Pennsylvania Rally

Taken at the 09/14 Donald Trump rally at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Somewhere, in the alternative universe that is the democratic brain, there is a timeline in which it’s not too late to stop Donald Trump from becoming President.

Throughout the election of 2016, and in the time between November 9th and January 20th, and in the first 100 days of his presidency, Donald Trump has been targeted by an increasingly angry liberal army who believe that there is still time left to stop the businessman-turned-politican from becoming President.  Much like the overused meme about Bernie Sanders’ supporters continually finding ways for the democratic socialist to become President, even now, the idea that Trump will be stymied by miscreant millennials on college campuses is, on its face, magnanimously absurd.

Still, they continue, lashing out against anything they deem to be associated with the President.  Now that they’ve been allowed to foment their hatred for conservatives in a jarring, violent uprising known as the “News Fascist” movement, liberals have no filter as to when and where they target the right wing.

Their next battleground could be Pennsylvania.

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“There are two momentous political events to consider this weekend, and they are polar opposites. First, we have President Trump, who will step out on the broad stage of a major arena in Pennsylvania Saturday night for one of his favorite activities: a massive, grass-roots rally to affirm his first 100 days in office and to connect with the voters that love him. The event is not without issue. An anti-Trump protest and rally is planned by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and activists from around the state who claim the president’s time in office has been ‘“filled with alternative facts, incompetence and international scandal.’

“Then there is the White House Correspondents Dinner in the nation’s capital, staged in a posh hotel some 96 miles to the south. Just as Mr. Trump arrives on stage in Harrisburg, several thousand formally clad journalists, lobbyists and celebrities will stroll out of a dozen different cocktail parties and begin the promenade toward the glittering ballroom, where they will dine on a sumptuous meal and giggle over inside jokes. Many will celebrate the fact that Mr. Trump is not among them. He opted out of the event weeks ago, winning accolades from a number of conservative pundits who applauded his decision to skip a long evening with the mostly hostile press.”

It is this blatant, reviling nonsense that has given America an enormous black eye in recent months.  The land of the free is falling victim to these New Fascists, who are working to limit free speech in America through threats of violence, intimidation, and anarchy.  Where these vitriolic leftists used to get off on lecturing Americans about the threats of Nazi-esque censorship, they have now come full circle and are leading our bill of rights to their proverbial Dachau was we speak.


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