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Democratic Deity Set to Reenter Political Fray to Rescue Doomed Party

The death of the democratic party seems all but certain at this point, but that hasn’t stopped the desperate leftists from reaching out to one of their idols for help.

It has been well understood for some time that former President Barack Obama is refusing to sit quietly on the sidelines of the Trump era.  Not only did the disastrous Commander in Chief purchase a home in an affluent Washington D.C. suburb, but rumors have been circulating for some time regarding his own personal team of beltway insiders that have been hired to keep tabs on The Donald’s every move.  There has been definitive corroboration between this clandestine menace and the staggering frequency of leaks coming from within the White House, but there is little doubt that Obama’s “resistance” could be a contributing factor.

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Now, as the democrats continue to reel from their embarrassing electoral evisceration of 2016, they are turning to their once-mighty demagogue in hopes of restoring some semblance of relevance to the likely defunct party.

“Former president Barack Obama will formally reenter the political fray this week less than six months after leaving office, headlining a fundraiser for a group that could prove critical to the Democratic Party’s rebuilding efforts.

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“Obama’s appearance Thursday before a few dozen people at a closed-door event in the District on behalf of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) highlights the balance he is trying to strike as his party seeks to regain its footing at both the state and national levels. Obama does not want to cast ‘a long shadow,’ in the words of Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, but he remains a central figure for a party that has yet to settle on a single strategy to combat President Trump.

“Perez said in an interview Sunday that while some Democrats have urged Obama recently, ‘You’ve got to get out front on issue X or issue Y,’ the former president wants instead to ‘build the bench’ for the party. Democrats suffered a greater loss of power during Obama’s tenure than under any other two-term president since World War II.

While it is certainly a bold strategy that the democrats are employing, it will soon be realized that it is too little, too late.

The dumbfounding and disastrous leaks from within the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign of 2016 has shaken the American trust in the leftist regime.  Clinton’s collusion with the DNC to rig the primaries in her favor fractured the party irreparably, casting aside the fervent and young members of the Bernie Sanders wing of the organization.  It was Washington business as usual, and that fact has frustrated and alienated millennial democrats who were willing to give the party of Obama one last chance to reconcile their political criminality with their constituents’ progressive vision for the future.

Now, as Clinton’s most miserable failure is still lingering in the minds of the young liberals, perhaps it is too late for even Barack Obama to reinvigorate the party’s future.

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