Democrat Wastes Everyone’s Time Asking Trump’s CIA Nominee about… Climate Change

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) spent her time during Rep Mike Pompeo ‘s (R-KS) confirmation hearing questioning him about his views on ‘climate change.’

This might have been an understandable question if Pompeo was chosen to head the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). But he was chosen by the President-elect to head the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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This reminds me of when debate moderators ask presidential candidates about whether they believe in evolution. As if their non-belief in macro-evolution will mean they’d make a terrible president. It’s about as relevant as their favorite football team.

Somehow global warming – or ‘climate change’ – ties into national intelligence. She asked Pompeo if he doubts the “97% or more of actively published climate scientists.” She asked, “Do you have any reason to doubt NASA’s findings?”

He responded, reminding her that as head of the CIA, his job will be to “collect foreign intelligence, to understand threats to the world – that would certainly include threats from poor governance, regional instability, threats from all sources – and deliver that information to policymakers.”

He added that “to the extent that changes in climactic activity are part of that foreign intelligence collection task, we will deliver that information to you all and to the President.”

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