Could Democrat VP Candidate Tim Kaine Beat Donald Trump???

There is no doubt at the moment that Hillary Clinton could defeat Donald Trump in November and become the next President of the United States.

Just like 8 years ago, Barack Obama said his candidacy had nothing to do with race, Hillary has said her candidacy has nothing to do with her gender. Yet, once elected, all Obama talked about was being the first black to occupy the White House. If Hillary gets elected, you can bet she’ll boast about being the first woman President. Admit it or not, a large part of her campaign revolves around her gender and it will be blinded women voters who vote for the skirt instead of the person.

But what would happen if Hillary isn’t able to complete her campaign?

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There has been growing concern for her health. Her coughing spells are getting worse and she appears to be traveling with some sort of mystery person who appears when she coughs. Many reports are indicating that a growing number of doctors are concerned for Hillary’s health and are questioning whether she is physically and/or mentally capable of being president. How many times has she testified before Congress, FBI and the American people that she just doesn’t remember?

If Hillary truly cannot remember all of these many things, then how can she remember or know what to do as president? Is she suffering from some form of dementia or Alzheimer’s? If not, is she deliberately lying under oath? If that’s the case, then she has committed perjury numerous times and therefore should be disqualified from holding any political office, especially that of president.

One also has to question her mental abilities. Hillary recently said that if elected she would defeat ISIS, make Syria free and even help protect their military. How can she protect someone else’s military when she couldn’t or wouldn’t protect the American Embassy Compound in Benghazi? She failed to protect 4 Americans who begged for more protection for months prior to their murder by Hillary’s and Obama’s Muslim extremist buddies?

Some Republican politicians are pushing for formal investigations and even the filing of criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over her email scandal and the many lies she has told. If Hillary is indicted or charged with a crime prior to the election, then she should not be eligible to run for office.

If for any of the reasons above, Hillary is not capable of finishing her campaign, then the question has to be asked if her vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine could defeat Donald Trump in the November election

Frankly I don’t think so. Kaine is a no-name, meaning that most Americans have never heard of him. I realize that Obama was a no-name but he was able to run on race whereas Kaine is a white male with no societal gimmick to run on.

We can only hope and pray that criminal charges are filed against Hillary Clinton soon and that her health becomes such an issue that she has to drop out of the campaign. If that happens, I don’t think that Tim Kaine stands a chance of being able to defeat Donald Trump unless the American people are dumber and brainwashed more than I think they are.

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