Democrat Voting Turnout Collapses by 20 Percent over 8 Years

Election data compiled by Breitbart News on the Democratic Party’s primaries and caucuses in 2016 and 2008 indicates that voter turnout in is down significantly, by nearly 20 percent, from the last contested election. Roughly 4.5 million registered Democrats voted in 2016 than they did in 2008.

The 2016 Election for Democratic nominee is a two-person race between Sen. [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Because Clinton ran for president in 2008, Breitbart News states the data “is all the more interesting: It’s essentially a comparison up against her previous failed race.”

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In 2008, approximately 23,715,866 people voted in primaries and caucuses nationwide in states where voters already voted in the 2016 round. Compared to this year, over the same time period, roughly 19,155,825 people voted this cycle, “a decrease of 4,560,041 voters or 19.23 percent,” Breitbart News reports.

It also reports:

The following contests saw less voters participate on the Democratic side in the primaries and caucuses than 2008’s contests: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Utah, Wisconsin, Vermont, American Samoa, Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Washington state, and Wyoming.

Only a handful of states have seen increases in participation on the Democratic side, including Arizona, Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas and Maine. With the exception of Arizona, Sanders won—and Clinton lost—each of those contests.

That means the likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, has only increased Democratic primary votes in one of the states she won this cycle as compared with 2008’s primary turnout. Every other state she has won this year has seen less turnout from last go-around.

The numbers are astounding. Less Democrats turned out to vote in the 2016 primary election than they did in the 2008 by huge percentages:

  • In Texas, 50.06 percent less,
  • In Mississippi, 47.68 percent less,
  • In Ohio, 47.28 percent less,
  • In Iowa, 28.5 percent less, and
  • In Virginia, 20.40 percent.

Breitbart News’ election metadata analysis is a multi-part series. The first broke down the 60 percent increase in GOP voter turnout in the 2016 primary. The second, reviewed the 2012 GOP primary, which showed that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump received roughly 2 million more votes that Mitt Romney did in 2012 in states that already held their primaries.

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