Democrat Suffers Embarrassing Debate Meltdown

Oh. Boy.

I don’t usually feel bad for Democrats when they’re caught in their own lies and false promises, but I had just a pang of embarrassment as I watched Democrat candidate for Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, as he writhed uncomfortably during his debate with his Republican opponent Kim Guadagno.

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Here’s how the embarrassing meltdown played out:

Kim Guadagno: The question is simple. How do you plan to pay for free pre-K, fully funding the k-12, free college education, universal healthcare, just to name a few. I think they add up to $50-65 Billion, without raising taxes on the middle class and the working class. Because your plan now provides only $1 Billion, and I say “only” a billion dollars, anybody who runs a campaign that says their going  to raise taxes in New Jersey is simply out of touch with New Jerseyians. But how do you plan on paying for all of the promises you made during the primary.

Phil Murphy: That’s quite a question. You know those numbers aren’t true, and you’re saying them, and you’re making them up, and you’re talking about me and the Turnpike, and affairs, and running for President. We gotta get back and base this discussion on the truth because that’s what people showed up for here tonight.

It’s at this moment that a tired and obviously unhappy constituent raises his voice from the audience and shouts “Answer the Question!” Which is probably the one thing that everyone in the room and watching the debate on TV wanted to say as well. Because it led to a smattering of applause in the crowd, and the New Jersey Democrat pretending he couldn’t hear what was said.

Phil Murphy: Sorry, couldn’t hear you there, sorry.

And this is when Kim Guadagno when the debate, as she reiterated what the man in the crowd had said.

Kim Guadagno: “Answer the question,” was the shout.

The audience erupted in an approving roar and while Guadagno is still well behind in the polls, the moment has given sudden hope to Republicans across the Garden State. Can Kim Guadagno pull off the upset and defeat the hapless leftwing liar, Phil Murphy?

I sure hope so.

If you’d like you can see the entire one hour debate here.

H/T SaveJersey


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