Democrat Senator Running for Reelection says ‘Resist’ Movement is a “Waste” of her Time

North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) understands just how perilous her situation is. The incumbent Democrat is running for reelection to the Senate from the great state of North Dakota and she is expecting the most difficult political battle that she’s ever faced.


North Dakota has long been a bastion of conservative politics but in recent years it has been trending further and further to the right. As Rob Port writes at SayAnythingBlog:

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Last week I wrote about an electoral math problem North Dakota Democrats face heading into this election cycle. Their share of the North Dakota electorate, which wasn’t all that large to begin with, was depleted by voters defecting to Republicans. From 2012 to 2016 – both presidential election cycles, mind you – the Democrats saw turnout for their candidates in North Dakota decline nearly 40 percent. In the 2012 cycle, which was the last time President Barack Obama was on the ballot, Democrat candidates for the Legislature and partisan statewide office together collected over 1.16 million cumulative votes.

In 2016 that number dipped to just 702,856.

Yes, in North Dakota today, Republican voters outnumber Democrats by almost 6 to 1!

Heitkamp was always going to face an uphill climb, but the latest numbers prove that this coming election hill may be insurmountable. Which is probably why she’s going around badmouthing today’s most prominent liberal movement.

During a recent conversation with the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce (a group usually hated on the left), Senator Heitkamp said that she simply had no “time” for the #Resist movement.

“The thing is that there are two things that are happening that are really challenging us,” Heitkamp told the Chamber. “One is the resist movement. Which is nothing. Just resist, right? Don’t do anything, just resist. I think that’s a waste of my time, if all I’m there for is to resist,” she added. “That’s not persuasive.”

It’s interesting to hear Heitkamp say that considering, as SayAnythingBlog reports, that she’s raised over a million dollars from far-left supporters, including one of the leader’s of the #Restistance, Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren herself.

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