Democrat Representative Promises to “Eliminate” Trump if Democrats take Power

The Democrats have been quickly ramping up the rhetoric against President Trump over the last few months, and even though their words have led directly to a series of threats and attacks on GOP politicians… the Democrats don’t seem to care.

They just keep right on demagoguing President Trump while arguing that the current leadership in Washington, D.C. may literally mean the end of democracy in America.

In the wake of the Alexandria, Virginia attack on the congressional GOP baseball team, there was some hope that the Democrats might realize the danger of their rhetoric and tap the brakes a bit. Sadly, they seem to have left the attack in the past and have already forgotten about the fear that they implanted in the mind of the Alexandria shooter… because they continue to use the same language that they were using before.

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Case in point: Democrat leader Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) who has long been one of the far-left defenders of illegal immigration in America. He has been defending lawlessness and law-breaking for years, and the election of President Trump has only led him to increase his anti-law behavior and rhetoric.

Gutierrez recently promised that if the nation would reelect the Democrat Party to lead Congress, they would “eliminate” President Trump immediately. Speaking at an event at the Lincoln United Methodist Church, which calls itself a “Sanctuary Church,” Gutierrez hypocritically attacked the President as a criminal (without evidence of any crime) while promising to defend the lawbreakers he prefers.

“For me, the major criminal that exists in the United States of America is called Donald Trump, he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House. And we’re going to take actions today, and we’re going to take actions tomorrow. And there will soon be a majority in the House of Representatives, and I’m going to make sure that I am there to make sure of one thing, that we write those articles of impeachment and take him to trial before the Senate and eliminate him as president of the United States of America.”

You can see his full remarks below:

Luis Gutierrez is a despicable man and a terrible leader. The problems we face in America today can be traced right back to him, and other politicians like him. Sadly, for us, Gutierrez is from the corrupt and insane Cook County, Illinois, so he’s not likely to lose his job anytime soon.


Onan Coca

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