Media Buries Misogyny Allegation Against Democrat (Again…)

While we hear accusations against Trump for saying rude things, Democrat misogyny is buried by the media.

Here are the first two paragraphs of a story about accusations of violent Democrat misogyny. Do you think the L.A. Times would write about a Republican offender the same way?

Baldwin Park City Councilwoman Susan Rubio said in court Thursday she is fearful her husband, Assemblyman Roger Hernández, will retaliate against her because of his poor showing in the state’s primary election.

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Rubio is seeking a domestic violence restraining order against Hernández, a Democrat from West Covina. The assemblyman was dogged by allegations that he repeatedly beat his estranged wife as he ran for Congress.

No mention of Hernández’s party affiliation in the lead paragraph or the headline.

Hernández denies the charges and nothing has been proven yet. But this is not the first domestic violence accusation. Back in 2012, the Times reported,

A woman has filed an emergency protective order against Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, alleging that the West Covina lawmaker had physically abused her and that she feared for her safety, authorities said Monday.

About 7 p.m. Sunday, police responded to a disturbance call at the Lazy Dog restaurant in West Covina, Police Chief Frank Wills said. Hernandez had left the scene by the time authorities arrived, but the woman appeared shaken up.

“The alleged victim made the statement that she was concerned for her personal safety and that Mr. Hernandez was erratic,” Wills said.

In that story, Hernández’s party affiliation was left out entirely. No point in making it easier for anyone who wanted to search for Democrat misogyny. I suppose with such stellar examples as the deceased Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Anthony Wiener, the preferred narrative of the media is already too vulnerable.

So remember, no matter what you see and hear, there is a war on women by Republicans. Stories of Democrat misogyny don’t matter.

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