Democrat Leader says There is NO ROOM for Pro-Lifers in the Democrat Party

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Howard Dean has long been a fan-favorite of the far left as the socialist former Governor of Vermont has spent much of his career pushing the Democrat Party towards socialism.

He even spent several unproductive years as the Chairman of the Democrat Party, where his job was, ostensibly, to grow the Party. Apparently, he no longer cares about expanding the Democrat Party to new voices. In fact, it sounds like Dean would actually prefer expunging a certain kind of American from the Democrat Party rolls.

In his mind, there is simply no room for pro-life Americans in today’s Democrat Party. While appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough asked Dean if the Democrat Party would begin to look for ways to integrate Americans who are economic liberals but social conservatives, something the party used to do…

Dean answered with an emphatic “No.”

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“No. Because the young generation isn’t that way. I think the old left right is an anachronism… Young people don’t think that way. They are not ideological. They are extremely interested in social justice, so we are never going back to maybe making compromises on abortion, and gay rights is another one.”

Folks, if you’re not 100% ideologically pure and down the line “progressive,” today’s Democrat Party wants nothing to do with you.

If you need proof of this, go to any college campus and tell them that you are a liberal who believes in free speech, even when it’s offensive. You’ll be cast out so fast it will make your head spin. If you don’t toe the party line – they don’t want you.

Howard Dean is just the latest liberal to tell you to “get out.”

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