Democrat Leaders Admit, We have ‘No Economic Message’

MSNBC must be reeling!

Over the last few days a few powerful Democrats with loads of credibility within their Party have admitted; first, that they have no economic message, and second, that the Party should be working in good faith with the Trump administration.

On Tuesday, former Congressman Harold Ford (D-TN) appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe where he opined that the Democrats still haven’t learned their lesson, and that they still have no cohesive economic message to present to the American people.

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Then on Wednesday, the one Democrat who has most loudly denounced his party’s leaders, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) was at it again on MSNBC.

Ryan argued that the Democrats were making a mistake by refusing to work with President Trump.

“I don’t think you need to violate your values in the process, but I think we should try to be willing partners. We’ve got to get the political process moving forward here and no one’s going to get what they want 100 percent of the time, so I think it’s encouraging that people are at least having conversations…

We’ve got to figure out how we’re going to solve some of these problems and we can’t do it, everybody going on their own, same with the speech at the UN. You can’t do this stuff alone. These problems are too big, so we have to come together and I’m encouraged by it.”

This continues a theme that Ryan has been hammering for the last 8 months since the election. Just a few weeks ago, Ryan told Morning Joe’s pundits that the Democrat Party had to talk about more than just wealth redistribution.

“We have to say, look, we’re the party to be able to handle the economy in the 21st century. We have the convergence of so many different elements happening right now—globalization, automation, artificial intelligence, all of these different other opportunities within the economy right now…

What I want the Democratic Party to be is to be a party that can set an agenda to try to deal with those issues that will drive up wages, help people to be able to afford college and health care and all the rest,..

We can’t just be the party of redistribution of wealth. We’ve got to be the party of creation of wealth.”

It’s nice to hear Democrats finally admitting that their party is bankrupt of ideas.

Onan Coca

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