Democrat Leader says He Wants to “Take Back the Country,” is that Racist Code?

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) has an op-ed in Time magazine titled “Democrats Will Unite and Take Back the Country.”

In the article, he opines that “we have a President who actively seeks to divide the American people.” He’s entitled to his opinion, though he might want to wait until Donald Trump has been in office a little longer than four days before making that sweeping generalization. A Gallup poll found Barack Obama to be one of the most polarizing presidents in the history of the nation, but at the time of publication, Obama had been in office for six years.

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The rest of Ellison’s essay is meant as justification for the title. But isn’t the notion of taking the country back racist? It was until recently. In May 2010, a piece at the Huffington Post affirmed the racist nature of that goal:

The idea perpetuated by the Tea Party movement to “Take back our country!” from [insert non-white male here] is no more than racism in drag.

Around the same time, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart made a similar claim…


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