Democrat Leader says Ending Obamacare would be Un-American!

President-elect Donald Trump has already mentioned that he intends to try to keep certain provisions in Obamacare alive, while arguing that it needs to be repealed and replaced.

One of the provisions that needs to be scrapped is the individual mandate – the idea that the government can force people to purchase health insurance. Requiring that by law only drives up the costs, and the quality goes down.

But some people – like Washington Representative Jim McDermott – argue that removing the individual mandate would not be the American thing to do.

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“They want to take out the individual mandate somehow – that we think we should have people just riding on the backs of other people in this country. I don’t think that’s – that’s not American,” McDermott said.

“You ought to do your part, I ought to do my part. We buy it if we can. We assist if we can’t make it ourselves. But the idea that you are not going to have responsibility for everybody to have it – it just won’t work.”

Obamacare proponents always bring up auto insurance. If the government can compel people to buy auto insurance, then why can’t it compel people to buy health insurance? Besides the fact that this is a false analogy, I don’t think the government should force people to buy auto insurance. That doesn’t mean I think people shouldn’t buy it. It’s just that when the government gets involved – in conjunction with the insurance industry – costs go up, and quality goes down.


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