Democrat Leader Has No Answer for Why Democrats Won’t Allow Vote on Judge Gorsuch

This may be the most cringe-worthy interview of 2017.

For the first 4 minutes Chuck Todd begs Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) to give him a reason why she refuses to allow Judge Neil Gorsuch to come before the Senate for a confirmation vote. Multiple times Stabenow offers the same tortured excuses explaining why she won’t be voting for Gorsuch, but for some reason she remains unable to explain why the Democrats plan to refuse to even bring him up for a vote.

The poor MSNBC host simply can’t understand the Democrat hypocrisy of blocking a vote on Gorsuch after they complained about Republicans doing the same with Judge Merrick garland. “What I’m saying is, do two wrongs make a right here? Or three wrongs? Or four wrongs? Or five wrongs?” Todd asked. “It’s not about wrong or right,” Stabenow replied. “Chuck, it’s not about wrong or right.”

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After about 4 1/2 minutes, Todd finally gives up on trying to wrest an excuse out of Stabenow, and moves on to the possibility of Republicans using the nuclear option to confirm Judge Gorsuch. Stabenow once again responded as hypocritically as humanly possible.

Stabenow: “When Senate Democrats had that choice to make, we said no. There should be a 60 vote threshold so there’s a bipartisan vote on the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Todd tried to hold her accountable for her part in the “nuclear option” disaster.

Todd: “But only on the Supreme Court, didn’t we go down the road of a slippery slope here when the decision was made by Harry Reid to say, ‘you know what, we’re tired of the obstruction on the lower courts so we’re going to get rid of this filibuster.’ It was inevitable that this was going to be the reaction of the other side once they got power, which was the warning many people made to Senator Reid, including your former colleague Senator Carl Levin.”

But Stabenow would not accept blame and remained focused on demonizing the GOP.

Stabenow: “Chuck, what I would say is that we made the decision, conscious decision, thoughtful, debated in our caucus that it was better for the country to keep the 60-vote threshold on the highest court in the land, lifetime appointment and that’s something that Mitch McConnell can decide and his caucus can decide as well.”

Watch the whole cringeworthy mess below:

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