Democrat Leader: “I’m Not Sure the Country Wants to be United”!

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It’s almost a truism at this point that whoever wins the election for president tomorrow will not be the president of the United States — not in the spirit of the law at any rate.

That sentiment was echoed this morning by a man I can’t say I’ve ever agreed with before. It was Democratic strategist and onetime kingmaker James Carville, and I don’t agree entirely with his assessment now of where the nation will be on Wednesday. There is a however kernel of truth to the comments he made this morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

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A video of the segment appears below. The transcript (courtesy of Real Clear Politics) follows:

Tomorrow night we’re going to be talking about how really divided this country is. Not just by race, divided by education, divided by geography, all the Democrats live in the cities, all the Republicans live in the country… The divisions are going to be stark.

Really I think education is going to be a big, big driver in the dividing line…

She can do some things, but I’m not sure the country wants to be pulled together. I’m not sure the people who are voting for Trump want to pulled together with the people who are voting for Clinton and vice versa. She will try, but it is almost a country where we are really going into different camps. We don’t know each other. Democrats don’t know Republicans, Republicans don’t know Democrats. People around the country are all clustered together, I don’t see this changing for a while.

It’s the unlucky fate of Americans in 2016 to have two major party candidates who seem to enjoy nothing more than mixing it up. (Sorry, liberals, but Hillary Clinton, for all her protestations that Donald Trump is the divider, has made it abundantly clear that she is out to represent some, but not all, Americans.) Whoever wins tomorrow will enjoy a pyrrhic victory. We can only wait and see how this shakes out in the days and weeks to follow.


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