Democrat Leader calls for Supporters to “Rise Up” and “Fight Back” Against Trump

Remember when Democrats used to whine and cry about Republicans using words that they said instigated violence?

For example, Sarah Palin couldn’t send out ads with a bullseye targeting Democrats, because some crazy gun nut might actually shoot a Democrat. Sure, no GOP supporter or group of supporters has ever been found committing acts of violence because of the GOP rhetoric… but Democrats complained just the same.

Fast forward to today, when Democrat activists are actively committing violent acts across the country – from Berkeley, California to Middlebury, Vermont. Democrat thugs are dressing in black, covering their faces, committing acts of violence, and doing millions of dollars in damage, and now their leaders are inciting them to further violence. Former VP candidate and current Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) called for violence in the streets, and Democrat activists who were connected to the very top of the party were the ones paying agitators to cause violence at Republican rallies during the presidential campaign. However, the constant flow of Democrat violence hasn’t stopped their leaders from using “coded” language to promote violence. In a recent letter from Democrat Keith Ellison (D-MN) that was sent to donors of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Ellison used aggressive language and told supporters to “rise up” and “fight” against President Trump and the current government.

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I’m infuriated by President Trump’s bigotry.

I’m enraged by his disregard for Americans’ well-being.

I’m livid that he spreads lie after lie.

That’s why I need you to make a choice before tomorrow.

Either we sit by and fume as President Trump destroys all we care about.

Or we rise up, create a massive wave of support, and fight to take back our government.

I wouldn’t ask if this moment wasn’t urgent. The first End of Quarter Deadline since President Trump took office hits in just 24 hours.

Will you pitch in $1 and join me?


Congressman Keith Ellison

It’s interesting isn’t it? Whenever a Republican talks about “fighting” back against the government it’s immediately reported as code for other racism, bigotry, or the desire to go back to the 1950’s. However, when a leader of the party that is responsible for several dozen protests, a handful of riots, and millions of dollars in property damage over the last 4 months uses the term… it’s apparently ‘no big deal.’

Democrat hypocrisy much?


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