Democrat Leader Admits He’ll Lie About Guns to get them Banned!

As liberals keep ramping up the pressure on society to fall for a new wave of gun banning, U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu, an extreme, a left-wing Democrat congressman from California, is admitting that he will lie about guns all he wants as long as it serves his far left, un-American, anti-gun agenda.

That’s right, like all Democrats, Rep. Lieu admitted that he is a liar, a knowing purveyor of untruths to sell an agenda.

Last week on Twitter, Lieu was called on his incorrect use of the fake term “assault weapon.” Lieu used the term in a February 21 tweet in an effort to stick up for the Parkland kids who have been coursing through the media advocating for ill-thought out gun policies. In the tweet the leftist rep. griped that people are “more concerned about kids speaking respectfully than the fact that 17 kids were slaughtered with an assault rifle.”

Of course, in U.S. statue there is no such thing as an “assault weapon” and even in military settings it is only a general term meant to describe a rifle that can fire as both a sub-machine gun (full automatic) and in selective-fire mode (semi-automatic).

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But, in this sense, “assault weapons” have been banned since the Miller Act in 1934 when after years of gang wars between the New York and Chicago mobs and their surrogates, Congress prevented regular Americans from getting their hands on sub-machine guns. Machine Gun Kelly was the boogyman in those days. So, machine guns were essentially banned.

While regular Joes can’t get hold of an automatic weapon, the can be obtained. Today, in order to buy and own a fully automatic firearm, you must own a Class C firearms dealer’s license (a costly venture), have special places to store the firearms, and be open to having the feds visit you to check on your arsenal whenever they feel like doing so. Further, the guns you buy must have been manufactured before 1986, so you can’t own modern automatic military firearms. There is a long list of other rules you must abide by, as well.

In any case, an AR-15 is not an automatic machine gun. It is not an “assault rifle.” Indeed, the “AR” in AR-15 doesn’t even mean “assault rifle” as so many uninformed lefties think. It stands for ArmaLite named after the company that developed the rifle system back in the 1960s.

Now, back to our Congressman… as it happens, after calling the weapon used in the Parkland shooting an “assault weapon,” Lieu was called on it by conservative Twitter user Sean Davis who tweeted to Lieu, “You said “assault rifle,” turbo. Words mean things. If you don’t know which words mean which things, don’t use those words.”

But, Lieu was adamant. He would use what ever words he wants as long as it further his agenda.

“NO. I will keep saying assault rifle if I feel like it,” Lieu blurted out like a ten-year-old child stamping his tiny feet. “I will not let you define what I can or cannot say. In any statute, the term assault weapon or assault rifle would be defined. But in ordinary conversation, I will use assault rifle interchangeably with assault weapon.”

So, Lieu flat out admitted that he will use any term he likes despite his admitted lack of knowledge about its definition.

As long as it serves his aims, he will use it. He’ll lie with abandon as long as it serves his anti-American agenda.

That is how Democrats work. They lie.

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