Democrat Helps out Firebombed GOP Headquarters

Every four years in this country things tend to get tense. This year is no exception. Actually, it’s gotten more violent then it has in past years.

Sammy Kershaw will tell you:
Let’s talk about anything
Anything in this world
But politics, religion, and her
Politics can start a fight
Religion’s hard to know who’s right…

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But we DO talk about it. We talk about it, post about it, tweet about it. Sometimes things can get pretty heated even.One thing we should NEVER do is get violent about it. No throwing punches, shooting at the other fella or doing anything else physical about it.

Well, some folks don’t see it that way. The Orange County Republican Party office in North Carolina was firebombed
and a nearby building was spray painted with graffiti warning “Nazi Republicans town or else”. They added a swastika to the message.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are assisting local and state authorities in their investigation of the bombing. There are no official suspects at this time. Both Republicans and Democrats alike have condemned the actions of those responsible.

Democrat David Weinberger  set up a GoFundMe which reached its goal of $10k in under 40 minutes to help the headquarters reopen.

Folks, when it gets down to it, we MUST act like what we should be: decent human beings. This was not just damage to a building. It was way more than that. The question is, “what will we make of it?”. Will we see it as motivation to strike back? Can we make it an opportunity to realize that we want to be better than those who react with violence that can’t do anything but harm and rip our country further apart?

Yes, be passionate about your beliefs. Always STAND UP but never STRIKE OUT. WE the People are better than that.


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