SHOCKING: Democratic Governor Signs Pro-Life Bill in This State

Most people are under the impression that every Democrat is Pro-Choice. This is a misconception, even though a majority are, Republicans and Libertarians do not corner the market on opposition to the murder of the unborn.

This was made apparent on Wednesday.

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Washington Times reports

On Wednesday morning Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed a bill into law that bans dismemberment abortions.

Louisiana becomes the latest state to bar the practice, also known as the dilation and evacuation method, in which an unborn child, usually in the second trimester of pregnancy, has its limbs ripped off and skull crushed by forceps or clamps.

Though we should see this law as a good thing, by and large, we should not be overwhelmingly happy. It does not in any way limit the killing of children. What it does is curtail a brutal form of murder, but does not ban the practice of murder altogether.

Some have seen this as a major victory for life nonetheless.

The Times continues

The bill’s author, Rep. Mike Johnson, a Republican from Bossier City, said the legislation is about “more than just good public policy.”

“This legislation is a statement about who we are as a people,” quoted Mr. Johnson. “In Louisiana, we believe every human life is valuable and worthy of protection, and no civil society should allow its unborn children to be ripped apart.”

“Incredible as it seems, we need a law to say that,” he said. “We have it now.”

Yes, this most vicious form of unborn murder is being eradicated, this is a far cry from the abolition that God’s word requires. It is not where we should be focusing our attention. As Christians, we are called to abolish evil.

I pray that we will stop all means of murdering babies because Johnson has one thing correct. We are judged by what we as a people allow.

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