Democrat Congressman Hires Peeping Tom to Stalk Opponent’s Wife!

They say politics is a dirty business.  Sure.  But even the mafia has a code.  Apparently, for the Congressman of NY’s 18th District, Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney , there is no low that he will not sink to, no modicum of decency that he will adhere to while he attempts to ruthlessly hold onto his position.

In an incident that recently came to light and made national news, Sean Patrick Maloney had sent one of his henchmen to stalk his opponent’s wife.

His opponent being Republican Phil Oliva .

The stalker, Yougourthen Ayouni, not only tried catfishing Jessica Oliva online via her health and wellness site for mothers FitMama4Life and her blog but went so far as to show up at the Oliva residence while Phil was out and literally peep through the windows with video camera in hand.

Who knows how many times this perverted operative of the Democratic party did this, but he was eventually caught by Jessica who relayed her fear to the NYPost:

“He was hunched over looking inside.  I’m always breast-feeding. It’s scary. Do we have to have a police officer stationed outside our house?”

What was Ayouni looking to find out about Murphy’s opponent when he purposely waited until that opponent was out of the house and the only people left there was his attractive wife and three young children?  Why did he have a video camera with him at the time?  What other kinds of dirty tricks and outright scumbag moves will Sean Patrick Maloney pull in order to keep his power?


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