Democrat Congressman Arrested Protesting Immigration Enforcement in Chicago

Surprise! A Democrat was briefly arrested on Monday for complaining about the government enforcing our laws.

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Okay, maybe that’s not really surprising. But it is an important story that should be illustrative of a much larger problem in America today. The Democrats have fully embraced their position as the party of lawlessness. Illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, demanding that local authorities ignore the President’s lawful orders, cheering when the intelligence community illegally leaks top secret information… No matter where we turn today, we can see the Democrats wholeheartedly embracing lawlessness.

In Chicago on Monday Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) was briefly arrested by law enforcement after he and a group of protesters refused to leave the Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in Chicago.

One commenter hit the nail bang on the head with her response.

Gutierrez continues to advocate for the criminal element of our nation while refusing to serve the people who he is actually supposed to be representing, but the good people of Chicago are suffering for the political choices that they’ve made. Whether it’s the violence of Chi-raq, or the failing schools and the striking teachers, or the high taxes, or the hostile business climate, Chicago continues to be both the heart of liberalism in America and the perfect example of how liberal policies can destroy a community. So, go ahead Chicago… keep on voting for your awful liberal politicians but please stop complaining about how terrible things have become in your city. You brought all of this on yourself with the way that you voted.

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