Democrat Computer Specialists Under Criminal Investigation for Taking $100K from Iraqi Operatives

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The scandal over a group of computer technicians hired by a long list of Congressional Democrats — including the former head of the Democrat National Committee — is growing deeper by the week. The latest is that the three Pakistani immigrants hired to maintain the Congressmen’s computers were the recipients of a mysterious $100,000 pay off from an Iraqi politician.

And through it all the Old Media complex is ignoring the whole story…

Early this month news broke that Congressional Information Technology (IT) staffers Imran Awan, and his brothers, Jamal and Abid — all from Pakistan — had been working for a list of highly placed Democrat Congressmen. The team held top clearance status with administrator level access to the computer network of the House of Representatives.

The three are now the subject of a criminal investigation after it was discovered that congressional information was being copied to a server outside of the House computer system. The three are suspected of improperly accessing information and stealing congressional property.

The brothers were hired by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence minority members Jackie Speier (D-CA), Andre Carson (D-IN), and Joaquín Castro (D-TX). Castro, who sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, hired Jamal Moiz Awan. Speier and Carson’s offices utilized Imran Awan.

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Abid Awan worked for Illinois Democrat Tammy Duckworth even though he has a prior criminal record and a bankruptcy. Abid also worked for Florida Democrat Lois Frankel.

Even more worrisome, Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then the Chairperson of the Democrat National Committee, had obtained the services of Imran Awan leaving the records of the entire Democrat Party vulnerable to the brothers’ spying.

This all means the Awan brothers had access so sensitive intelligence information vital to national security despite being Pakistani and having a criminal history.

The three were also living high off the hog courtesy of the American people. According to public records, Jamal, 22, was paid nearly $160,000 a year. Abid was paid $161,000, and Imran made $165,000 annually.

The investigation has also discovered that Imran and Abid’s wives — Hina Alvi and Natalia Sova — have also been receiving paychecks from congress.

How it is that these three got past security background checks is thus far unknown. Thus far there has been little comment form any of the committees or the officers of the Congress people involved other than that the investigation is “ongoing.”

Democrats have confirmed that the three are no longer in the employ of the House of Representatives. But initially Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to fire Imran, Politico reported.

But now it has been discovered that the three were in receipt of a mysterious payment of over one hundred grand from an Iraqi politician, according to the Daily Caller.

The money was supposedly a “loan” from Iraqi political leader Dr. Ali al-Attar. Even odder, the money was funneled through a company with “impossible-to-decipher financial transactions that the congressional information technology staffers controlled.”

The “loan” was supposedly for the family’s car dealership business operating out of Virginia. The business was named Cars International A, LLC, or “CIA.” The business was controlled by Abid.

The business was losing money and had a long list of creditors that hadn’t been paid. According to investigators, the car dealership’s financial records were so badly kept that “it is close to impossible to make any sense out of all the transactions that happened,” according to court records.

“Having lost my and Abid’s collective investment of $500k due to Awan’s mismanagement, [CIA] was further in debt $400k to other creditors,” Nasir Khattak, a former investor in CIA, said in court documents.

The mismanagement of the car dealership is bad enough and connotes some likely motives for shenanigans of some type. But the big question is just what was the Awan family doing with the stolen congressional information they were shunting to an offsite server?

Were they selling this sensitive information to America’s enemies? Were they gathering the info with the intention of selling America out at a later date?

Finally, there is another telling aspect of this shocking case. So far the media has practically ignored this three-week-old story. A very few outlets (such as Politico) published a story on the Awan brothers. But thus far ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and all the other news outlets have completely ignored the story despite the dangerous implications to national security.

One has to wonder why this story is being ignored? Here we have Pakistani immigrants who defrauded investors and creditors of hundreds of thousands of dollars, who then took high dollar loans from an Iraqi politician, and who was stealing and storing sensitive national secrets.

Ah, but then all one need do is remember that these suspicious men worked for Democrats and we have our answer, don’t we?

Then we are also forced to recall how many months/years the mainstream media ignored Hillary’s law breaking actions as Secretary State.

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