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Sexist Dem Senator “Mansplains” and Verbally Attacks Female DHS Head

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There is one ugly trick that the progressives love to use more than any other, and it is the concept of projection.

The idea is fairly simple, but nefarious; by working day in and day out to monopolize the ideologies of minorities’ and women’s rights, the left now has an automatic “get out of jail free” card for their own egregious actions.  By making it ever so difficult to pin sexism on the party supposedly fighting against  sexism, they’ve automatically deflected a number of future complaints and revelations.  It’s preemptive carpet bombing at its most semantically sophisticated.

In the list of causes that the left believes that they somehow own is feminism, and, more specifically, sexism against women.

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For decades, the left has insisted that they are the party of women.  This is yet another tactic in their battle to segregate society for the purpose of quick indoctrination into the left’s ideological fallacies.  After all, it’s easier to conquer several small groups than one large one, especially when you’re desperate to stack votes.

But, as we explained earlier, the left is far from accurate when it comes to political ideals transitioning to reality.  They’re all form and no function, to put it succinctly.  That was proven once again by democratic Senator Cory Booker, who maliciously “mansplained” his views on President Trump’s language during a recent meeting at which DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was present.

“Republicans are slamming Democratic Sen. Cory Booker for ‘mansplaining’ to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in a sharp and one-sided exchange Wednesday before a Senate committee.

“The New Jersey lawmaker blasted Nielsen’s ‘silence and amnesia’ after failing to get the response he sought on her recollection of statements President Trump made in a meeting last week. Booker’s hostile tone prompted Republican National Committee Rapid Response Director Michael Ahrens to invoke the millennial term for males talking down to women.

“’Picture it,’ Ahrens said in a news release. ‘A male Republican senator spends his entire 10 minutes “mansplaining” the female DHS secretary about immigration policy, throws around the term “conscientious stupidity,” yells at her the only time she tries to speak, and concludes his diatribe without even asking her to respond.'”

While the left’s stranglehold on the mainstream media largely prevented this story to be reported at its proper scope, there was certainly no shortage of push back from those who understand the situation.

“The RNC, though, slammed ‘Derogatory Cory,’ and suggested that because Booker is a Democrat, he was not being criticized for how he spoke to a woman.

“’Because the party affiliations were reversed, Derogatory Cory got nothing but praise from the selectively-outraged base he was clearly performing for yesterday,’ Ahrens said.”

And the RNC isn’t wrong:  The left is consistently allowed to act with impunity on the subjects of racism, sexism, and feminism.

Cory Booker is no gentleman, that’s for sure, but that (D) next to his name has allowed him to masquerade as one for far too long.

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