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Dem Claims Left Never Holds Crazy Rallies: ‘We Are Not Actually Out of Our Minds’

A Democrat Senator from Hawaii jumped to Twitter to deliver one of the biggest lies of the century when he said that unlike Republicans, the American left has never held any crazy rallies, don’t act like lunatics, and are “we are not actually out of our minds.”

This guy must be drunk.

U.S. Senator Brian Schatz (D, HA!) actually wrote the following:

“We have no equivalent to the dark carnival that is a trump rally. This is not a thing on the left. We just argue about healthcare and climate and sometimes relitigate 2016 but we are not actually out of our minds.”

Yes, he was serious.

Naturally, he was quickly disabused of his idiotic notion by a myriad of Twitter users.



Of course, the problem is that these liberals lie so often about so much they end up actually believing their lies. I am sure that Sen. Schatz truly believes that liberals dressed as female body parts, destroying personal property during “peaceful protests,” kneeling during the national anthem in hate against the country, (etc., etc) isn’t at all acting like they are “out of their minds.”

But, real Americans know the truth. Schatz is the one who is out of his mind if he is truly so deluded as to believe his own line of bull.

Indeed, Daily Caller had a handy list of just a few of the most recent “sane” protests by liberals:

  1. Kathy Griffin held a bloody “beheaded” Trump bust.
  2. Snoop Dogg pretended to shoot a Trump figure and rapped about killing the president in a video.
  3. A “Saturday Night Live” writer predicted that the president’s 11-year-old son would be “this country’s first homeschool shooter.”
  4. Madonna declared that she has thought about “blowing up the White House.”
  5. A teacher was suspended for shooting a squirt gun at an image of Trump, screaming “Die!”
  6. Sarah Silverman called for an American “military overthrow” of Trump.
  7. Stephen Colbert joked about the president giving a blowjob to Vladimir Putin.
  8. Joy Behar said that believing in Jesus is a “mental illness.”
  9. Jimmy Kimmel mocked the first lady’s foreign accent.
  10. Chelsea Handler tore into Sarah Sanders’ looks and weight, calling her a “whore.”
  11. A Democratic congressman made a blowjob joke about Kellyanne Conway.
  12. ESPN anchor Jemele Hill called Trump a “white supremacist.”
  13. Michelle Wolf mocked Sarah Sanders’ looks, calling her a liar to her face.
  14. Keith Olbermann called Trump a “Nazi” and drops regular expletive laced rants.
  15. Samantha Bee called the first daughter a “c**t” with absolutely no remorse.
  16. A Bernie Sanders supporter targeted GOP members of Congress in a shooting.
  17. A Democratic congressional candidate called the first lady a “whore.”
  18. Multiple members of the administration have gotten harassed, shouted down, or kicked out of restaurants just for working for the president.
  19. Multiple people have made death threats against the families of administration officials, including Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai.
  20. A man stole a teenager’s MAGA hat and threw a drink on him.
  21. Maxine Waters said Trump officials are “not welcome anymore, anywhere.”
  22. Left-wing Antifa members have harassed Trump supporters.

Finally, it appears that Sen. Schatz forgot all about the psychos involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement that spent years destroying property, raping women, and even murdering at least one man in their “sane” protests.

Back in 2011, Breitbart News actually compiled a list of over 400 crimes perpetrated by the leftist Occupy Wall Street movement.

But, heck, liberals are all perfectly sane, right Mr. Schatz?

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