Delusional Obama tells Media Hillary Lost because of “Fake” News!

Not surprisingly, soon-to-be-former President Barack Obama has jumped on the fake news bandwagon.

The charge of spreading malicious gossip under the guise of news dissemination is as good an explanation as any, in his view, for why any American might believe that his presidency has been an abject failure.

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In an interview published yesterday, Obama had a good deal to say about the media, which he claimed played a role in the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

The challenge is people are getting a hundred different visions of the world from a hundred different outlets or a thousand different outlets, and that is ramping up divisions. It’s making people exaggerate or say what’s most controversial or peddling in [sic] the most vicious of insults or lies, because that attracts eyeballs.

The impression he gives isn’t wrong. He couldn’t have won election in 2008 if it weren’t for exaggerations and lies of omission by the mainstream media.

But that wasn’t what he had in mind…


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