Delusional Democrats Demand Special Prosecutor for POTUS

Democrats in congress this week had a heyday when President Donald Trump terminated FBI Director James Comey, furthering their cockamamy conspiracy theories.

Well before the dust of the 2016 primary elections had even settled, Hillary Clinton and her lunatic leftist army began concocting an insane new plan to demonize their newly-realized general election foe.  That plan would require an enemy of America; preferably a superpower or villain that younger voters would have only an ominous feeling about due to generational tales.

They settled on Russia.  A foe that the 80’s babies will remember only as the bad-guy du jour for the years leading up to their birth.

Then, Hillary began implying that Donald Trump was, in fact, a Russian operative.  The claims came subtly at first, often muttered in regard to the evasive answers that the businessman gave regarding his tax returns.  Then, more forcibly, Clinton and her allies in the mainstream media began working the angle in earnest, attempting to forever disenfranchise much of his older, “America first” fanbase.

Fast forward to this week, when FBI head James Comey was unceremoniously removed from his post at the bureau.  Liberals lost their minds, racing to tie Comey’s dismissal to his investigation into Trump’s Russian connections.  Now, they’ve gone even deeper into their own delusion that they are demanding a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the President of the United States.

“Democrats continued their demands Friday for a special prosecutor to investigate allegations that there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign with one top Democrat demanding a top Justice Department official either do the Democrats’ bidding or resign.

“Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill, the Senate’s second-ranking Democrat, focused his demand on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

“’To preserve his reputation as a credible prosecutor, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein must appoint an independent special prosecutor to pursue possible criminal charges, or he must resign,’ Durbin said in a statement.”

While Trump’s hypothetical Russian connections are simply unverified at this time, and, most likely for the rest of time, the left’s war on Trump depends on this smothering of salacious, tabloid-esque fake news to survive.

Just today, lawyers working for the President scoured Trump’s tax returns to find any evidence of collusion between the White House and the Kremlin and discovered nothing of interest outside of a few routine business connections to individual Russian property owners.

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