Delusional Democrat Leader says Democrats Lost because they were “Too Nice”

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No one has ever confused Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) with a member of Mensa, but we do tend to give elected leaders the benefit of the doubt when it comes to intelligence. Sadly, it seems that maybe we gave Waters far more credit than she deserved…

Waters appeared on MSNBC on Monday to talk about the incoming President and the minority Party’s strategy for dealing with the next four years. Host Jacob Soboroff asked Waters if she agreed with Schumer’s strategy for dealing with President-elect Trump and signaling that he’d be willing to work with Trump on issues of commonality. Waters responded with a firm “NO” before Soboroff even finished his question.

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The Congresswoman from California vehemently disagreed with Schumer’s strategy before offering her two cents on “why” the Democrat party has had so many problems in recent years.

You may think that the problems were created by the Democrat affinity for divisive identity politics, or because the Democrats pursued (and forced through) policies that the majority of Americans disagreed with (Hello Obamacare), or because the country has been mired in the longest economic malaise that our nation has EVER seen (all under the direction of President Obama with a Democrat majority for several years), or for hundreds of other problems that Democrats could faulted for… but according to Maxine Waters, you’d be wrong.

Waters thinks that the Democrats problems are all because they’re just too dang “nice.” I kid you not.

Oh Maxine, whether mocking George W. Bush as stupid, implying that Dick Cheney was evil, or accusing Mitt Romney of not paying his taxes, the Democrats have a long and storied history of being the party of mean-spiritedness. I’m okay with Waters thinking that her Party’s problem is that they’re “too nice” though, because it just means they’ll continue making the same mistakes that have made them irrelevant and given the GOP their strongest majorities in over a century. Keep up the good (bad) work Maxine.

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