Delusional Biden Has “Regrets” About Not Running for Presidency


Joe Biden, Vice President of the utterly confounding Barack Obama administration believes that he could have beaten Donald Trump in 2016’s election.

The former VP and gaffe-factory revealed in an interview this week that he has serious regrets about not running for the highest office in the land, doubling down on the fact that he believed that he would have been the most qualified candidate in the race.

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“Biden said anyone who runs for president should be able to ‘look the public in the eye and promise you they can give you 100 percent,’ the Observer-Dispatch of Utica reported.

“The former vice president says that he doesn’t regret not running, but added, ‘Do I regret not being president? Yes.’

“Biden also added that he hopes President Donald Trump ‘grows into the job a little bit.’

Joe Biden has turned to a much more subtle approach in his digs at other politicians after leaving the White House.  His insinuation that he would have bested not only Donald Trump in the general election, but Hillary Clinton in the primaries, says a great deal about the delusions of the democrats.  Wikileaks emails revealed that the Clinton campaign was secretly colluding with the DNC to secure Hillary’s nomination, something that Biden nor his fellow democrats have openly acknowledged.

Furthermore, Biden’s assumption that he would have curbed the growing anti-leftist sentiment of the American voter is extremely bold, given that his final term serving as VP for lame duck Obama saw some of the most controversial leftist policies result in massive outrage across the nation.


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