Defiant Trump to Kneeling Numbskulls: “Who Should I Pardon Then?”

President Trump has never been one to mince words, neither in business or in his personal life, and his use of Twitter has entirely changed the way that the American system of government seems to operate.

The President can now usurp the mainstream media and offer a primary source of information at any time.  He can even refute coming “news” stories, just so long as he gets a heads-up from one of his trusty confidantes.  This will come to be the new norm globally in perhaps no more than a decade, but Trump is doing it now and right here in America.

So, when there are great complaints being conjured by an imaginative liberal left on a near-hourly basis, the President has been kept a bit busy responding.  Now it looks as though The Donald has bought himself at least a few minutes after lodging a witty retort right in the facemasks of the NFL’s kneeling nincompoops.

President Donald Trump appears to have heard the applause he received for pardoning Alice Johnson, the 63-year-old who served more than two decades in prison for a nonviolent drug offense before Trump commuted her life sentence this week.

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Now Trump says he wants to issue more pardons—not just for politically aligned celebrities but for real people who have been unfairly imprisoned. And he says he wants input from players in the National Football League who have been protesting the national anthem. Yes, really.

“I am going to ask them to recommend to me people that were unfairly treated” by the justice system, Trump said to reporters outside the White House this morning. “And I am going to take a look at those applications.”

The President’s slick inquiry comes just days after it was revealed that Trump himself may be subpoenaed by lawyers for Colin Kaepernick, who are attempting to concoct a conspiracy theory involving NFL collusion with The White House.

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